Elie Hirschman
He's a bit of a character

Voiceover talent for your every need.

  • Voices of the soul - It's an old-time PI mystery, with a supernatural twist.
  • The Confessional - In business you can make a killing...In fact, the character in this story makes such a killing that he finds it necessary to visit the Confessional.
  • Kill Burl - Many people talk in their sleep. But how many people make THREATS in their sleep? How about making good on those threats as well?
  • Late Night Pickup - It all took place late on night in the country backwoods, when an unknown craft made a late night pickup.
  • Corey's Turkey Burgers - Kids love gross-out stories. But do they HAVE TO tell them during lunch?
  • End of the Line - A man whose life has taken several wrong turns finds himself on the express train, headed BEYOND the last stop... all the way to the end of the line.
  • Holiday Shopping - a short glimpse into small-town life on Halloween.
  • Rules of the Clan - In a primitive and savage society, one member makes a discovery that rocks his world and threatens his life.


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