Elie Hirschman
He's a bit of a character

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One of our most reliable and versatile narrators is Elie Hirschman, whose impeccable interpretations and lively voice acting make even a relatively dry piece really come alive and engage the listener.
- Ben Philips, Senior Editor of Pseudopod
Elie Hirschman utilizes his buttery man-vocal chords to deliver a diverse range of compelling and rich voices that hits that pristine, perfect note with everything he does.
- Jeremy Szal, Fiction editor at StarShip Sofa Podcast
Elie is really a great guy to work with. He is personable, flexible, follows instructions well, and provides a fast turnaround. The quality of his work is excellent and I will be using him again in the near future. Highly recommended!
- Monica, Global Success Strategies Inc.
When you listen to Elie Hirschman read, you believe every single word coming out of his mouth like it's your favorite uncle telling one of his famous stories. All you can do is lean forward at the table, forgetting everything else while you focus on the journey he's taking you on. He makes silly, ludicrous, fantastic things like talking birds sound exactly the right way: the way you imagined they would. We're always thrilled to have Elie as a reader because we can take a break from being editors and just be fans of storytelling.
- Dave Thompson and Anna Schwind, Editors of PodCastle
Elie did some voiceover work for my website and it was absolutely perfect - I highly recommend him. He is also a nice guy.
- Sam Ritter, GasLimit.com
Multi-talented in the voice over department; couple his body of work on Darker Projects.com, and his resume is outstanding (He-Man The Parody and Night Terrors: Voices of the Soul anyone??).
- Allen Sale, Astral Audio Productions


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