Elie Hirschman
He's a bit of a character

"Multi-talented in the voice over department; couple his body of work on Darker Projects.com, and his resume is outstanding (He-Man The Parody and Night Terrors: Voices of the Soul anyone??)." - Allen Sale, Astral Audio Productions


  • JTV Productions - Production video voiceovers (various clients)
  • GasLimit - Animated Web Site Guide
  • Kumon, Inc. - Reading and Phonics CD-Rom
  • Peter Linn & Co. - "Beyond the Doubting of a Shadow"- (Scientific article recorded onto audio cassette)
  • Ormgas.com - Internet Radio jingles
  • Baltmedia Ltd. - "The Salt Mines of Valitschka" (audio tour narration)

Voice Acting




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